Crazy Corn-Drill Challenge goes viral, some win, and some fail… miserably!


As we saw in the last video, the final result was a large bald patch on her head. In a follow-up video posted to Twitter by user @_dryunkun, the girl is seen visiting a doctor, and receiving treatment.

While most people would be quite distressed in this situation, it seems that she is coping fairly well considering the circumstances. The doctor reported that her “hair will grow like normal”. Stripped bare, the patch of missing hair will obviously take quit some time to regrow. Perhaps she is thankful that she did not loose any teeth!

The doctor is quite optimistic about her prospects to regrow hair on the bare patch of scalp, but what does she have to say about it?

Watch the next video to see how she faired after the now famous event…

Again, she seems quite relaxed despite loosing a full wad of hair to a heavy duty power drill that was entrusted to a friend while she focused on her world record attempt.

Although we cannot understand what she is saying, we would guess she is saying something along the lines of either “sure I lost some hair this time, that’s OK, but I have decided for future attempts that I will shave my head in advance” or perhaps something more philosophical like “it was very silly to attempt this challenge, I lost some hair, and have now decided that pursuing a career as a professional Corn-Drill competitor is not something that I can continue without the possibility of further injury”.

What do you think she should do?

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