Crazy Corn-Drill Challenge goes viral, some win, and some fail… miserably!


A young asian woman from China was tempted, and decided that the challenge was simple to accomplish, and went ahead with a plan to take the crown of “Corn-Drill Champion”. The video of the amazing feat was originally uploaded to Twitter by user @_kryzt.

She looks prepared enough:
1 x large high speed heavy duty power drill… CHECK!
1 x freshly cooked corn on the cob… CHECK!
1 x trusted friend to hold the power drill… CHECK!
1 x video camera to capture the record setting time… CHECK!
1 x rehearsed fist pumping victory salute… CHECK!

The unknown female in the video has barely started the challenge when her hair drifts over the corn cob. You may also notice her trusted companion pauses just long enough to check that all is OK to proceed, and once everything seems to be in order, they continue with the quest.

Fame and glory await!
WARNING: this viral video fail is difficult to watch!

That looked incredibly unpleasant, and now it becomes painfully obvious why no one should ever attempt this challenge. Now your probably wondering what happened later!

Watch the next video to see…

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