Crazy Corn-Drill Challenge goes viral, some win, and some fail… miserably!


While there are many fairly harmless challenges going viral on the internet, every so often there will be one which will gain popularity and earn notoriety for being downright crazy and dangerous. These challenges are not for the feint of heart, and there are no exceptions as to who, men or women, can test the limits of their physical endurance.

This latest bizarre challenge employs a heavy duty power drill with fresh cooked corn on the cob affixed precariously to the front. The drill is then powered hard and fast!

The idea being that the challenger does their best to eat all the corn off the cob in the shortest time possible, while the drill spins rapidly. This challenge started when someone discovered you could eat a full corn on the cob in 15 seconds (or less) by putting it on a spinning drill. One well known challenger, going by the name of “Eater Yang”, has managed to strip all the corn off a cob in a record time of just 10 seconds.

Keep in mind that these challenges are actually quite dangerous, with many who try it suffering horrendous injuries. WARNING: do NOT attempt this challenge, EVER!

While the video is quite fun to watch, it is probably best not to attempt it on a full stomach.

Well, that looked easy enough to inspire any would be challenger to give it a try, so lets take a look at another one….

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