Police RBT tests the passenger instead of the driver!


You are probably wondering how the police can fail by giving a breathalyzer test to a passenger. It sounds strange, but its true. And this viral video originating from Estonia proves it.

While most countries only drive cars on one side of the road, sometimes cars may be found in such countries where the driver is actually positioned on the other side of the car. Times when the driver may be on the other side of the car would be when driving to another country that uses the other side of the road, or if the car is imported.

While having the driver on the opposite side of the car may at first seem like a good way to avoid being caught driving over the limit, it wont help very much if the passenger has elected to be driven after drinking heavily beforehand.

This video takes place in Estonia which drives on the right side of the road as standard, therefore normally placing the driver on the left side of the car. However this car has right hand drive. The occupants of the car are on their way to a birthday event when they notice the RTB ahead. The driver moves forward ready for the breathalyzer. The police then approach the left hand side window. However, instead of noticing the inconsistency, and diverting to the other side of the car, the police officer simply performs the breath analysis on the passenger. And then allows them to pass after having completed the test.

This is a funny example of automatic behaviour, and we trust that if the passenger had been caught being over the limit then the police officer would then correct the mistake and test the actual driver.

Source: Facebook/Simo Soolo


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