Famous comedian exposes aviation industry “near miss” cover-up!


The famous and influential comedian George Carlin explains the fraud perpetuated by the aviation industry concerning “near miss” situations. Some background research shows that the term is also widely used by healthcare, fire-rescue services, law enforcement, public safety, and rail industries.

Although there is a lot of hoax material that has been falsely attributed to George Carlin, this is a genuine video and therefore NOT a hoax!

Every day we see the signs and are given (mostly) helpful advice to gets us through the day, but sometimes the intention is lost in translation, and sometimes they are plainly ignored as we throw caution to the wind. You probably know some people that like this, or maybe you are one of the people that fit into this category! 🙂

Misinterpreting or missing the signs and signals of danger can occasionally leave us a little worse for wear, either with a “near miss” experience, or sometimes in total disaster. We generally write these “near miss” events off as a good omen bestowed upon us through divine intervention or stylishly pass it off as evidence of amazing and sharp skills, at the very least we are thankful for our good luck and fortune to be alive and hopefully unscathed.

Watch this video for a humorous look at what we consider to be a “near miss”.

Perhaps if we take the good advice from George Carlin and rethink our interpretation of what constitutes a “near miss” then we would probably exercise a little more caution and wouldn’t experience so many near misses or disastrous accidents on a regular basis. In the interest of good humor let’s wish enough good luck to those who don’t have sharp skills and hope they have friends taking video evidence that can be shared with others 🙂

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