Just try to watch this video through to the end without succumbing to the suspense!


Hold out for the amazing ending. A truck driver is cruising down the highway with the boom lift crane arm still raised.

While looking ahead, as the truck approaches an overhead sign, you will notice the bucket of the boom lift positioned precariously in danger of being damaged.

Watch the oncoming signpost as the truck gets nearer.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to know what’s coming.

As the truck verges closer and closer, with its boom lift still raised, to the moment of contact, you’re prepared for the impending disaster that’s expected ahead.

And then, somehow, something miraculous happens.

Then you see the truck continue to yet another sign, and again you wonder how much your heart can take.

While you consider the magnitude of the predicted outcome, at the precise moment of impact, you continue to watch in awe as… nothing happens!

By now your most likely reluctantly happy that no one was hurt, but also feel like you were cheated out of watching total destruction unfold before your very eyes.

But the story continues…

The Instagrammer “moy_monster”, who captured the incredible moment on video in El Paso, Texas, said that everything worked out well in the end.

Commenting “After we shot the video we sped up and let the driver know,” and “He pulled over and everything was OK.”

Well, OK that’s all fantastic news, but it still leaves us feeling a little begrudged, and maybe you feel the same.

It seems like we’re sadistic creatures who are entertained by watching the misfortunes of others unfold before our eyes. 🙂

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