Korean Web-Star Home Haircut Fails in Dramatic Style


Korean web-star Su Bin Yang filmed herself trying to do a home haircut. She was trying to cut a neat fringe known as “bangs”. But unlike the plethora of online videos that show how to successfully complete this neat trick to give a cute style, her efforts ended rather differently.

Most examples will instruct you rather simply to hold the section of hair in front of your face and twist the ends together. Once secure, the tutorials will then instruct you to trim, with a standard pair of scissors, where you want your fringe to fall.

While cutting her hair, she accidentally cut her finger, and to add insult to injury she was also surprised at how her results didnt quite mirror what she had seen in tutorial video clips.
Most people would understand her being quite emotional with pain after accidentally cutting herself, but what is most entertaining is her emotional reactions to the haircut. First the realization of what she had accomplished, then shock that her hair style wasn’t quite as expected, denial and delusion that more trimming might magically reverse the mistake, then hysteria once she figured out that extra combing wasn’t going to fix her misshapen haircut, and finally despair that this would permanent until it grows itself.

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